The Ultimate Strategy Board Game about Legendary Cryptids

Discover a captivating world of cryptids in a board game that seamlessly blends reality and fantasy through stunning artwork and thrilling gameplay.

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Exciting Setting 

Cryptids are on the verge of extinction! Become a cryptozoologist and help these legendary creatures find a safe home. Cryptic Nature features over 40 unique cryptids portrayed in their native environments. Can you spot them all?

Captivating Artwork

Witness the magic of breathtaking naturalistic artwork that brings each cryptid to life. Depicted in thrilling detail, every cryptid card tells a background story inspired by existing legends and tales.

Discover, Capture, and Protect: Cryptids Await Your Strategy!


You are cryptozoologists who travel across Europe collecting evidence necessary to locate the unique cryptid species. Your loyal assistants will help you manage the resources needed for this important mission!


To catch a cryptid, you can either invest time gathering all the necessary types of evidence or take a chance by rolling the custom dice to try to capture the animal without knowing much about it.


The ultimate goal is to build a unique  sanctuary in order to provide legendary cryptids with a safe habitat. The game ends as soon as there is no more free space in the sanctuary. 

Level Up Your Character

Make your strategy a winning one by leveling up your character!  Get more efficient in collecting evidence, moving around the board and making risky cryptid capture.

Get the Exclusive Game Expansion "Cities" and Discount